Wholesaler launches inventory control platform for distribution clients

Tourico Holidays, a wholesale travel company, launched a “first of its kind” platform designed to help travel distribution clients improve inventory accuracy and identify hotel deals with the highest profit margins.

Called Olympus X, it includes an interactive dashboard that provides detailed monthly reports where clients can view all of their bookings, along with a series of data points, including total room nights, cancellation ratios, average daily rates, year-over-year and month-over-month growth and the best hotel opportunities for boosting profits.

The comprehensive dashboard solves the problem of fragmentation of information and business tools, which had been an obstacle to reaction time and efficiency.

Olympus X also enables Tourico to view client inventory and bookings and offer its sales support.

Sales managers did not previously have visibility into what Tourico inventory distribution clients had in their systems.

With the new technology, Tourico is able to identify exactly which hotels a client has in its inventory, which it is missing and which the company recommends to improve profits.

For example, Tourico can identify high-margin hotels and ExclusiveDeals, Tourico’s selection of pre-purchased hotel room blocks, that a client may be missing from its inventory.

The intuitive program maps out a client’s sales region and ensures inventory from that area is current, while prioritizing the best hotel deal options.

The platform enables Tourico sales managers to monitor client trends and recognize areas of opportunity.

Tourico Holidays is a business unit within the Hotelbeds Group.

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