Vacasol files for bankruptcy

Danish online vacation rental booking business Vacasol is filing for bankruptcy.

The news comes a few days after LeisureLink closed its operations.

In a statement sent to its partners, Vacasol says:

“It is with great sadness we have to inform you that we are filing for bankruptcy of Vacasol International A/S with the court in Denmark.

“During the last months we have had negotiations with potential investors and buyers in order to strengthen the strategic and financial foundation of the company.

“Despite intense efforts and dialogues with interested parties, it has now become evident that these efforts will not succeed. Nor has it been possible to secure the necessary funding from existing shareholders to secure the continued operations of the company.

“Within the next days a liquidator will be appointed, who will take over the management of the company in order to secure  the best possible results for its creditors. The liquidator will also investigate the opportunities to sell all or part of the assets of the company, and will also take direct contact to the creditors of the company. This process will realistically take 2-3 weeks.

“As of today we will not accept new bookings. For pending bookings we will advise our clients to take contact directly to our agency partners in order to possibly secure their booking.

“We sincerely regret the trouble an inconvenience this may cause you.”

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