SevenRooms gets voice tech boost from Amazon Alexa Fund

SevenRooms has received investment from Amazon’s Alexa fund to develop voice-enabled technology for restaurants.

The company, which specializes in front-of-house technology, will use the Alexa Skills Kit to develop a skill enabling restaurants to incorporate voice into day-to-day operations.

The skill could include the ability for waiting staff to find out about diners with allergies or a group of guests at a particular table.

The idea is for the technology to make for a more personalized experience by giving staff instant access to guest data.

In a statement, Joel Montaniel, SevenRooms founder and CEO says voice eliminates the need for restaurant staff to rely on a screen and means their attention is on guests.

Paul Bernard, director of the Alexa Fund at Amazon says: “By deploying their [SevenRooms] technology , restaurant operators can make smarter decisions on marketing, guest relationship management, staffing, and more, and ultimately present dining guests with a more enjoyable experience.”

This latest funding comes after an $8 million Series A investment for SevenRooms almost a year ago.

The Alexa Fund provides up to $200 million in venture capital to drive the development of voice technology services.

The fund has also invested in India-based Shuttl, a platform connecting commuters with buses services.

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