Sabre aims for more personalization with FareNabber tech

Sabre Corp. launched its FareNabber API at its TTX innovation conference in Las Vegas, which aims to help travel companies and developers create a smarter, more personalized air fare shopping experience for consumers.

The ultimate goal is to allow consumers to set very specific criteria for fare notifications, such as origin and destination, number of passengers, date and day of week flexibility, departure or arrival time window, preferred airlines and maximum acceptable fare per person.

That level of specificity will allow suppliers to respond with equally specific notifications that would be closer to “perfect” and therefore have a greater chance of acceptance by the consumer

The new API capability also enhances travel companies’ existing online capabilities to let travelers know the best time to fly and to buy air fare.

Sabre says today’s travelers want to define their preferred trip criteria and be alerted when options that meet their needs become available – rather than spend valuable time monitoring flight options to find the best deal.

GetThere, Sabre’s corporate booking tool, will have the same capabilities once it is integrated onto the Sabre Red platform.

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