OpenJaw and Routehappy to offer double dose of merchandising tools

OpenJaw and Routehappy are in the process of integrating their technology platforms to gives airlines and distributors a double dose of merchandising capabilities.

The project will require limited integration work by airline and distribution partners; OpenJaw and Routehappy are doing the heavy lifting.

OpenJaw’s t-Retail platform delivers e-commerce technology to enable travel companies to create and price airline merchandising and product offers.

It has achieved IATA’s Level 3 NDC certification.

Routehappy Hub is used to create, manage and deliver highly targeted rich content.

It has created industry-standard Universal Product Attributes that include descriptive text, icons, photos, 360-degree virtual tours, videos and links to more information.

Kieron Branagan, chief executive officer of OpenJaw, said:

“Providing rich image-led product content at all points of sale, both direct and indirect, aids conversion by ensuring that the traveler will be able to make a more informed purchasing decision, wherever they shop. The partnership with Routehappy will enhance OpenJaw Technologies’ ability to deliver rich content to airline customers via IATA NDC enabled channel partners.”

Robert Albert, CEO of Routehappy, said:

“Visually engaging, targeted, and personalized merchandising benefits the entire industry. Airlines can increase upsell and conversion, while having more control over their brand; and flyers and agents receive detailed, compelling content that makes the flight shopping experience easier and more relevant.”

The companies said the platform integration was undertaken at the request of mutual airline customers.

It is expected to be completed later this year.

Consumers and travel agents are also expected to benefit by seeing more targeted and transparent offers with rich content.

Routehappy, founded in 2011, offers airlines and distributors two products on a subscription basis: Scores & Amenities and Routehappy Hub, an NDC-compatible platform for airline rich content.

Routehappy is channel, platform, and delivery agnostic, providing the air travel industry with content and infrastructure it needs to integrate merchandising content into all consumer touch points across all distribution points.


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