Lufthansa promises to take personalised in-flight tech to higher level

Contextual marketing platform Epteca is working with Lufthansa to bring customised messages and content to passengers before, during and after a flight.

The agreement gives Lufthansa’s BoardConnect service the ability to present information and offers to passengers based on their browsing behaviour and profile.

The process behind it uses Epteca’s bank of retail brands to ensure that any marketing material is only served when it is relevant to the passenger on-board.

BoardConnect was launched in 2013 as a way for the airline to connect with passengers throughout their experience with the main airline and its subsidiary and partner carriers.

The new addition will, for example, have a “forgotten anything?” area on the app that would allow a passenger to order an umbrella if they see that the weather forecast in the destination is poor and they have forgotten their item.

The umbrella would then be delivered to the passenger on arrival at their destination airport.

Epteca CEO, Bojan Jokic, says:

“By building our unique platform and curating the right brands with the right products and services, we have created frictionless commerce, services and context marketing ecosystem benefiting partners, brands and customers at all stages of the journey.”

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