HRS uses beacons to ease hotel check-in pain

Online hotel specialist HRS has built what it’s calling smarthotel technology into its mobile application.

The app now aims to speed up the check-in and check-out process for users by employing beacons placed around the hotel reception and lobby area.

The idea is that the beacons register the guests arrival, checks him or her in and ensures their stored preferences are catered for.

The Smarthotel functionality is based on technology from Conichi, which HRS invested in about 18 months ago.

With about a third of bookings coming via mobile apps, the company says the thinking behind the service is to make hotel check-in as easy as getting an Uber.

The Smarthotel service is currently available in about 300 hotels. Going forward it is hoped the technology will also enables guests to use the mobile as their room key.

It also enables travellers to see their bill accumulate as they are paying for items as well as divert spend to a personal credit card or company card.

HRS UK sales director Ian Blackie says that with the technoloyg the company is moving beyond its traditional sphere of hotel sourcing and booking to address the hotel experience itself.

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