Google and Sojern reveal traveler customer journey data

Google has combined its data on travel-related search behavior with data from Sojern, an advertising platform, to try to get a more complex view of traveler research patterns.

Sojern has collected anonymized booking data from 350 million travelers. Google has overlaid its own data to reveal the demographics and “psychographics” of who is typically researching particular destinations.

Here’s a summary of who is interested in the five cities that saw the fastest rise of travel-related search interest on Google in spring 2016.


(Click on the image for more detail.)

The data is telling in how Google has the capacity to use its data to paint a broader picture of consumer behavior than individual travel brands can. Presumably suppliers who are good clients of Google can get access to more of this purchase intent detail.

Google and Sojern know that bookings for the five fastest-rising destinations peak on Tuesdays, for instance. They know that about nine in ten bookings for those destinations are happening on desktop, but on weekends, mobile queries related to travel outpace those on desktop.

Get more details at the Think with Google article, “Travel Trends 2016: Data Reveals Hot Spots and New Consumer Insights”, published today.

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