Altran looks to bring more automation to in-flight service

Engineering solutions firm Altran has demonstrated its vision of a digital future for aviation which includes better cabin environments with a quick flick of the wrist.

Altran’s digital Center of Excellence Cabin controls system would extend the capabilities of crew tablets by pairing them with pair crew smartwatches.

Karoline Heidtmann marketing manager explains:

“All of the members of the cabin crew are wearing the smartwatch so at any place in the aircraft there is a possibility to steer all the different cabin management systems. For instance, they can change the lighting, the air conditioning if they want to. They can send notifications to the pilot, and to the other cabin crew members.”

Altran aims to “create a unique digital passenger journey.”

“We are focusing on cabin related topics that should on one hand increase cabin efficiency and air efficiency but on the other hand increase the passenger experience.”

Another of Altran’s creations may put crew out of a job, or at least signficantly reduce their in-flight duties.

The company has also presented a concept for an automated cabin trolley for food and beverage service. The in-flight meal bot would be equipped with sensors that would let it identify the right seat or could be piloted remotely by cabin crew via an app.

Peter Fintl, director of technology and innovation for Altran Allemagne says this is about empowering flight crew too.

“The objective is to give flight attendants more time for important tasks like passenger interaction and security.”

Altran believes airlines could benefit from letting passengers reserve meals at the time of booking for the robot trolley to deliver to the right passengers in flight.

The consultancy also believes more of our seats will be 3D printed, making them lighter, more comfortable and environmentally friendly, and would have airlines enhance In-Flight Entertainment with destination-inspired virtual reality gaming, including virtual city-tours.

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