Upgrade your iOS chargers and cables with 3 great Armour offers

Sick and tired of tangled cords? Accidentally stepping on cable heads or, worse, trip over your charger, forcefully unplugging it? If you protect your phone with a rugged case, why not your cords? Well, rest easy knowing Armour has the solutions for you.

Armour Charge Steel iOS charging cable

The frayed connectors. The torn wires. iPhone chargers and cables never seem to last, no matter how well we take care of them.

Thankfully, a permanent solution arrives in the Armour Charge Steel iOS Charging Cable, sporting USB and iOS Lightning hook-ups with finely detailed aluminum housings, and 100 percent stainless steel-woven cable.

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Armour Loop Charging iOS Cable

Skip those annoying and unsightly tangles once and for all with a durable, portable cable that extends in a continuous stainless steel loop.

The Armour Loop Charging iOS Cable connects to most wall chargers and computers, and its compact versatility is only paralleled by its quality craftsmanship.

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Armour Travel Steel iOS Charging Keychain

The frustration of finding yourself without a charger when you need it most is a feeling we’d all like to put behind us. But carrying a charger is impractical at best, and definitely inconvenient in many scenarios.

That’s where the Armour Travel Steel iOS Charging Keychain comes in, offering a small but durable charger to your key ring.

A stainless steel iPhone-compatible charging cable clips on to your keychain with ease, and keeps you within arm’s reach of power whenever you need it – with a lifetime warranty.

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