WestJet goes live with new Farelogix shopping and pricing engine

WestJet is up and running with FLX Shop & Price, a next-generation shopping and pricing engine developed by Farelogix.

The new engine is rules-driven and, according to Farelogix, is the first to eliminate costly look-to-book or search volume limitations, providing the ability to accommodate large search volumes by online agencies without diminishing performance or incurring costly look-to-book fees.

It is being used by travel agencies and technology providers that are accessing WestJet content via WestJet Direct, the airline’s Level 2 NDC-certified API solution powered by Farelogix.

It was designed for airline-controlled shopping and pricing as envisioned by IATA’s “new distribution capability” initiative.

The engine provides full support for ATPCO-based fares as well as non-ATPCO fares managed directly by the airline and is fully interoperable with other Farelogix “offer engines” for off-PSS merchandising, availability calculation and schedule building.

The engine can be hosted by the airline or, as is the case for WestJet, hosted by Farelogix.

FLX Shop & Price enables airlines to dynamically modify ATPCO fares using the rules engine.

For example, an airline might configure rules for dynamic adjustment of the fare by 10% based on specific criteria, such as load factor, eligibility for corporate discount or a last-minute flash fare.

If the APTCO fare is $299, the engine would automatically reduce it by 10% ($29.99) and recalculate the taxes.

Farelogix said such dynamic pricing strategies will enable airlines to react to competition with improved revenue management.

WestJet’s deployment of FLX Shop & Price was made easier by its use of several other component of the Farelogix Airline Commerce Gateway.

WestJet Direct is powered by Open Connect, and FLX Merchandise, the Farelogix merchandising offer engine for branded fares and ancillary offers.

FLX Shop & Price and FLX Merchandise use the same rules engine and offer interface (FLX Rules and Offer Designer), so it was easy for WestJet to set up, manage, and control its own dynamic offer program.

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