VaycayHero back online following closure and then asset sale to RedAwning

Rental startup VaycayHero has “relaunched” after its recent sale to fellow rental network RedAwning.

The reemergence of the brand as a standalone comes after the original site was suspended on 31 January this year.

RedAwning bought the assets of the company in March for an undisclosed fee.

The new VaycayHero has instant bookings for over 43,000 properties, all of which are professionally managed, RedAwning says.

The company adds that in the “coming months” will see it transition to an “exclusive platform” for properties already on its network of sites, including the mothership brand, TravelProRentals and PerfectPlaces.

VaycayHero began life as Zaranga in 2011 (TLabs here), using a dynamic pricing model for users to “name your own price”, similar to the Priceline system of old.

It inevitably fell foul of the fiercely protective branding gurus at the Priceline Group for using the terminology in its marketing and was forced to change the wording.

The company changed its name to VaycayHero in 2013.

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