TripAdvisor secures a tenth of all online travel traffic

TripAdvisor provides a regular metric about its global traffic – an eye-watering “390 million average monthly unique visitors” across 49 sites worldwide.

But some of the deeper analytics behind its extraordinary presence and influence in the online travel ecosystem are more difficult to come by – perhaps understandably.

Audience measurement service SimilarWeb has this week released its own analysis of web traffic data for the brand’s core .com website, essentially the mothership site that operates mostly in the US.

So, SW estimates that TripAdvisor captured around 1.1 billion visits during 2016, representing an 11% share of the travel industry’s top 100 sites in the US.

In terms of mobile vs desktop traffic, less than a quarter (24%) of 6.6 billion total page views is estimated to go to its mobile website.

Visit duration figures are also skewed heavily in favour of desktop, with average visit length at six minutes compared to two minutes and 34 seconds for mobile web.

TripAdvisor, according to SW, comes behind all nine of the remaining nine leading online travel brands in the US, with Expedia and Airbnb leading the way with 13m05s and 10m29s respectively.

Again, desktop has better performing metrics for pages-per-visit, with 9.7, whilst the mobile website gets just 2.8.

A logical reason for the major disparity between the two channels is due to the heavy use of TripAdvisor’s mobile app.

So what about traffic sources?

Unsurprisingly, given the vast quantities of content on the site (much of it dynamic), TripAdvisor performs well in search and as a result finds itself with a massive 70% of its traffic coming from organic listings on Google et al.

Direct brings in nearly 18%, with referrals, paid search, email bulletins, social media and ads accounting for 8.3%, 1.5%, 1.2%, 0.7% and 0.5% respectively.

According to SW, TripAdvisor’s hotel pages bring in 40.6% of the site’s overall traffic, with Things-To-Do (28.6%) the next largest category.

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