TLEARN WEBINAR VIDEO: Embrace tech to avoid missed hotel bookings

The guest experience doesn’t begin when the traveller checks into their hotel – it begins the moment the inspiration to travel strikes.

From there, the traveller’s online journey takes them through different customer stages, every one of which presents the hotelier with an opportunity to enhance the guest experience and encourage bookings.

But many hoteliers are not capitalising on these opportunities and are missing out on bookings because of it.

Why? Because they’re not leveraging the technology available to them to automate these stages and create a seamless guest experience. Hoteliers are overwhelmed with technology options that appear inaccessible, expensive, and difficult to adopt.

But with the right technology and with real support on how to implement and utilise it, hoteliers can streamline their operations and enhance their online marketing activities; optimising the entire guest experience and drive more direct bookings as a result.

Join trivago and Tnooz on June 8 for our FREE TLearn webinar on why hoteliers are losing out on bookings by not capitalising on technology at every stage of the traveller’s online journey, and how they can change this.

Panellists for this TLearn Webinar on THURSDAY 8 JUNE 2017 are:

  • Aly Thompson, industry manager for UK and Ireland, trivago
  • Martin Cowen, moderator, Tnooz
  • Kevin May, producer, Tnooz

Register now to be able to participate and find out why embracing technology is not only possible, it’s absolutely indispensable if you want to succeed in a market that’s becoming more and more competitive and an industry that’s becoming increasingly digitalized.

This TLearn Webinar took place on Thursday 8 June 2017.

Slides and video recording are available are you register for FREE below:


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