Ryanair pushes out latest digital initiatives

Ryanair’s chief marketing officer revealed the airline’s latest digital and passenger experience initiatives for year four of its Always Getting Better program during the Web Summit in Lisbon this week.

Features include a new Ryanair Rooms website and app; a dedicated Chinese language website; a more personalized ryanair.com website and new tickets service, in partnership with theatre and events specialist Coras.

Ryanair Rooms offers customers a mix of hotels, hostels, B&B, holiday villas and homestay options. The Chinese website is the 19th language localized site the airline has introduced.

New personalization features on the ryanair website include the display of customers’ preferred and most recently searched routes, as well as recommendations based on the type of trip the customer is searching for.

Event tickets sold in partnership with Coras include tickets for West End shows, concerts and sporting events.

The site offers service in seven languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese and Polish and accepts payment in Euro, Sterling and Złoty.

Director of ancillary, Greg O’Gorman says:

“Customers will benefit from very competitive prices as an easy add-on within their ‘MyRyanair’ account. Initially launching with tickets for shows in the UK, Ryanair Tickets will be extended to include events across Europe in the future.”

At the Web Summit, CMO Kenny Jacobs described the announcements for year four of Always Getting Better as “the latest steps on our journey to becoming the ‘Amazon of Travel’.”

“With these new digital initiatives, we’re continuing to improve all aspects of the experience for our 129 million customers.”

Jacobs also took advantage of the location of the Summit to announce connecting flights service at Porto Airport starting in January.

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