Rentivo buys fellow vacation rental tech provider Klik.Villas

Vacation rental tech house Rentivo has acquired Klik.Villas, a competitor in the sector that focuses on the Asia-Pacific region.

Terms of the deal have not been disclosed.

Rentivo is fresh from raising $425,000 in capital from a crowd-funding campaign earlier this year on the CrowdCube platform.

The acquisition of Klik will give Rentivo the opportunity to expand into a new geographic market, as well as shift into the luxury end of the sector.

Rentivo is a SaaS-based platform which combines a number of tools and services, including rental owner website design, payment technology, channel management, third party widgets and translation engines.

Co-founder and CEO Richard Vaughton says:

“Despite all the recent noise by hotel chains, no one realistically expects the OTA’s to go away – and for any sensible volume business, they will feature as part of the marketing mix.

“It’s how and when they are used that makes the difference and what else can be brought to the table to build brands and income.”

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