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Trying to predict how, when and where US consumers will travel for leisure is an industry in itself, and the signs for the rest of 2018 are generally positive.

The Travel Trends Index (TTI) found April to be the 100th consecutive month of travel growth. Domestic travel overall is anticipated to increase by an average of 2.4 percent year-over-year through October 2018, and international travel is expected to rise three percent in the same period.

Along with the growth in travel, the propensity for U.S. travelers to protect their trips is also on the rise with insurance outperforming the overall market in growth terms. The US Travel Insurance Association found that the amount spent on protection in 2016 was nearly 20% higher than 2014. Over the same two-year period, the number of people covered has increased by 23.7%, while the number of plans sold increased by 28.5%.

“Protecting the traveler of tomorrow – a mid-year 2018 leisure travel trends outlook” –  presents a snapshot of a number of travel segments which are contributing to the continuing and future growth in US domestic and outbound travel.

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