Polarsteps raises €900,000 for recruitment drive and product development

Polarsteps, an app for tracking trips, has raised €900,000 in funding from Netherlands based investors.

The Amsterdam-grown company, (Startup pitch here), says it plans to use the funds to recruit engineers and further develop its service.

The app helps travellers plot their trip by checking their location as they go.

It plots the results on a map enabling family and friends to follow trips and can also include photos and statistics, such as trip duration, to create a fuller travel log.

Polarsteps raised €500,000 in funding in March 2016.

According to CEO and co-founder Koen Droste, the Polarsteps community now numbers 200,000.

He says the company wants to turn its attention to trip inspiration and planning and combine “travel planning, trackig and remembering into one unified experience.”

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