Kirk to Enterprise: What Star Trek got right about voice tech [INFOGRAPHIC]

Science fiction has often inspired technology innovation and adoption, and one of the most influential sci-fi franchises is Star Trek — which had its first TV episode 50 years ago today.

For instance, in their early days, the popularity of flip-top mobile phones may have stemmed from an urge to look like Captain Kirk swinging open his communicator.

Taking its cue from the anniversary, travel technology giant Sabre has put together an infographic with a timeline that shows how voice has come to be valued as a way to control devices.

The fun infographic shows how Star Trek anticipated some uses of technology that only now, a half-century later, are being brought to life.

The only thing missing from the timeline is the “comm badge” showcased in “Star Trek: The Next Generation” that let Enterprise crew members chat with each other merely by touching and talking into a badge worn on their clothes. The convenience of that user interface has also been inspiring technology makers since. (Click the infographic to view it in a larger size.)

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