Google demo of its travel assistant app reveals more details

At the end of this week’s SITA summit ATIS in Barcelona, Marci Brodziak, a senior software engineer at Google, gave a ten-minute demonstration of the company’s upcoming Trips app.

The presentation was captured by a handheld video recording by journalist Marisa Garcia

The audio quality is poor, but the screen shots are still revealing about details of the app, aiming to go live this summer.

As Garcia points out:

“The assistant follows the conversation about the planned itinerary and presents travel options for flights, hotels and destination activities relevant to the user’s queries…. Colleagues or friends can join the conversation to share their travel preferences, and Assistant keeps up with the debate….Google’s Brodziak said we can expect voice queries to follow next.”

Garcia asked Brodziak how Google plans to monetise the Assistant search service. He suggested Google hasn’t decided.

Find the video at Flight Chic.

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