Goibibo launches another industry first

Goibibo‘s ongoing roll-out of “industry first” mobile and app innovations continues apace following its merger with MakeMyTrip.

“One View”, launched a month or so ago, is based on a simple concept, with the hard work done behind the screens. The Goibibo Android and iOS apps now open with a default home page asking “Where do you want to go?” The origin is based on the phone’s location or users can specify.

Results are presented in a single view, and aggregate real-time pricing and inventory from airlines, buses, cabs and shared cars, allowing users to compare journey times, convenience and cost in one screen.

The search result screen also brings up accommodation options in the destination, and also connects to Gocontacts, the feature which allows Goibibo users to create their own social network within the app. They can then ask their contacts specific questions, at the same time as seeing the trending question and answers related to the destination from the entire Goibibo community.

Since launch, conversion rates have increased by 30%.

Ashish Kashyap, who founded Ibibo Group and is now president and cofounder, Make My Trip-Ibibo Merged Entity said:

“This feature uses location, community and phone graph to deliver this experience. Going forward we want to bring AI and hyper-personalization to this tool.”

The “merged entity” announced earlier this week that it had raised $330 million. With its financial muscle, tech expertise and portfolio of complementary brands, it is well on its way to becoming “the one-stop for all Indian travellers”.

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