Foursquare thinks it can add some data magic to the travel industry

Foursquare talked about enterprise solutions for its location data early in 2016 when it announced its $45m in funding.

The company, traditionally known for check-ins, talked up its programmatic ad platform Pinpoint as well as its Place Insights service which helps identify trends in consumer behaviour.

Foursquare points to a couple of examples where it has accurately predicted sales such as the iPhone 6s and, more recently, it announced Uber would be using its Foursquare Places data.

One of the location data specialist’s latest projects has been to look at theme park visitors and in particular, how Millennials are a lucrative market currently.

According to the data, it is Universal Studios which is doing well from the demographic and attributes it to initiatives such as the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

For example, when the park opened in Universal Studios Orlando two years ago, there was an immediate increase in visits from Millennials of 25%.

foursquare theme parks

A similar trend was seen when the Hollywood park introduced its own Wizarding World in April of this year with visits from Millennials up by more than non-millennials.

foursquare universal

Overall, the company says that, using its data, it can predict a trend of double digit growth for the Hollywood attraction until the end of the year.

Foursquare can also predict best times to visit in terms of crowds and pricing using the data.

The company provides more detail here via a medium post from its chief executive Jeff Glueck.

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