Eurowings says it wants to be a digital companion as it invests in online channels

Eurowings is to create a new company to bring all of its digital activities “under one roof” and increase the range of travel services it offers.

The Lufthansa-owned carrier has revealed plans to form Eurowings Digital, which will focus on strengthening and growing the main website, as part of an investment worth tens of millions of euro.

Eurowings Digital, which will be based in Cologne, is planning to recruit up to 120 new employees over the next few years to join 30 existing staff who work in the airline’s ecommerce and customer departments. The new company will be launched at the end of the year.

The airline said it was “massively developing” its digital business through the new company, as it aims to increase the sales of travel products through its website and app by offering “a personalised range of digital services and products”.

Eurowings says its vision is to become “a digital travel companion – far more than just an airline offering flights from A to B”.

Oliver Wagner, Eurowings’ chief commercial officer, adds:

“Our sales on already amount to more than €1 billion and over the course of this year should increase to €1.5 billion per annum. Eurowings Digital will further drive the rapid growth of the e-commerce business.”

Wagner says customers registering on its website would be able to customise services such as hotel booking, car rental and buying event tickets.

“In future, we will be able to offer our 40 million Eurowings customers even better digital services and products.

“We already have excellent digital business expertise within the organisation which we intend to make the core of our new company.

“In the future, we will move away from the classic airline model and towards a digital platform. Eurowings Digital will be the driver of this development.”

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