Download: How digital verification powers new digital travel services across all segments

Trust is more crucial than ever in today’s digital economy. From the rise of crypto-currencies to the explosive growth of the sharing economy, the need to verify identity has reached nearly every corner of the digital universe. For businesses that transact within online communities, offering verification for user profiles is often the backbone of any trust-reliant community.

Given the sheer number of government IDs that exist in the world, managing the process to verify users can be a challenging one — especially in a world where the user expects a seamless experience that is quick and easy-to-use. Success lies in delivering on the dual expectations of a rapid-yet-accurate process.

In order to manage the growing burden of digital verification, and to craft a customized plan to verify user IDs, businesses should consider use cases from across industries. In this latest report, tnooz has collaborated with digital verification vendor Mitek Systems to offer a comprehensive overview of the way that digital verification is changing businesses from across peer-to-peer, aviation and other segments.

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