CheckMyBus stops for seven-digit investment round

International bus transport metasearch service CheckMyBus has raised a seven-digit funding round in a bid to expand its network and boost branding.

The investment is believed to be at the lower end of the seven-digit scale, with Howzat Partners and AngelGate business backers, Cornelius Boersch and Bernd Dietel, all participating.

The founders are also contributing to the company’s capital-raising effort.

CheckMyBus currently hosts fares and routes from 300 bus operators in more than 50 countries around the world and operates from its base in Nuremberg, Germany.

Sascha Hausmann, a partner at Howzat, an early stage investor in hotel metasearch service Trivago, says:

“With great scalability and superior content for users, metasearch is predicted to become an equal success story in the bus market comparable to what we have seen for hotels or flights.”

The founding of CheckMyBus came after the liberalisation of the German intercity bus market, which has since spawned an explosive growth of German bus traffic — from 3 million to 20 million passengers annually in just three years.

This has coincided with the shift from offline to web ticketing, a general lowering of prices and improvement in services by the vast array of operators.

The site also offers trains and carpooling options to users if no bus operator is available on a particular route.

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