Airline app engagement in a few slides

A couple of snippets here from an App Annie report into how airline mobile applications are holding up.

The ‘How Airline Apps Can Improve Engagement’ study offers some basic advice, such as make sure it’s easy to use, as well as highlighting opportunities for carriers – think ancillaries.

Both the average monthly sessions and the average monthly time per user have been steadily increasing over the past couple of years.

In addition, when it comes to engagement, airline apps don’t fall far behind those of online travel agencies and metasearch services which provides airlines with the opportunity to work on engagement further.

When it comes to airline apps with the most monthly active users in Europe, Ryanair’s app comes top.

It also gets a special mention in terms of how much it has improved service in the past few years with its reviews data demonstrating how much it is referred for ease of use – see word cloud below.

app annie airlines

app annie 3

app annie 2

The full study can be viewed here.

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