Air Canada creates crowdfunding platform for cash-strapped passengers

Perhaps trying to live up to their reputation as being the nice folk of North America, Air Canada has developed a way for people to attract donations for their trips.

The idea behind Embarq is that it acts like a crowd-funding campaign platform along the lines of GoFundMe, IndieGoGo or Kickstarter, whereby travellers can post their dream trip and see if others will pay for it.

For example, someone needs to get to a graduation, or a relative’s wedding, or simply travel the world – Embarq carries a listing for the trip with a funding target and details about the person needing the money.

Although the pleas are all in the public domain on the site, Air Canada expects the platform to be used as more of a central place where friends and relatives can help support a trip.

The carrier claims some 800 people have so far created a campaign on Embarq but there are no details as to how many have been successfully funded.

Funds raised are transferred to an Air Canada gift card for the passenger to use on the carrier’s network of flights.

Here is a clip:

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