Instagram Stories launches Geostickers as its Snap attack continues

Instagram is steadily closing the feature gap between itself and Snapchat. Today Instagram launched its first Geostickers, which let users add and arrange illustrations related to their locations to their Stories posts.

The first places getting city-wide and special neighborhood Geostickers are New York City and Jakarta. These add to Instagram Stories’ existing location stickers that add the name of a place to your shots. All users worldwide can access the Instagram Geostickers with today’s 10.11 update on iOS and Android.

Snapchat launched its own Geofilters back in 2014, which can’t be rearranged or resized. It added moveable Geostickers in August 2016 to give people more customizable control over their location-based creativity tools. The one thing Instagram’s Geostickers and filters do that Snap’s don’t is that you can tap them to see the Instagram location page for that place, though Stories posts won’t show up there so there’s no privacy issue with that.

With Geostickers in place, the last big Snapchat feature Instagram Stories is missing is augmented reality selfie Lenses. Facebook acquired MSQRD last year to bring these AR masks to its products. Yet despite their rollout on Facebook and Messenger, they haven’t come to Instagram yet. But the app is likely brewing its own unique take on the format before it makes its next push to do Snapchat better than Snapchat.

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