Will 22k people turn up to catch Pokémon in San Francisco on Wednesday?

Over the past week, you may have seen more people than usual walking erratically, stopping suddenly, all while clutching a smartphone. They were probably playing Pokémon Go, the game that raised a big wodge of cash last year, launched on Wednesday, and has gone comprehensively viral in the meantime.

The Facebook event for a San Francisco Pokémon Go crawl on Wednesday has 3,600 people confirmed in attendance, with another 18k ‘interested’ in the event.

“Saw a crawl for Sacramento and thought hey, what better place than a crawl in San Francisco,” writes the organizer of the Facebook event, Sara Witsch who, according to her Facebook profile, is a theatre student at SFSU.

The group came to life with suggestions of dressing up as your favorite Pokémon for the crawl. The event is set to start as a stroll through the city, before culminating in a bar crawl. It’ll be one hell of an overspill at even the biggest bars, however, if even a fraction of the respondents turn up.

I reached out both to SFPD and the event’s organizer for a comment, and will update the story when I get a reply. 

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