There's now an official Hamilton app because Hamilton is forever

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Good news, Hamilton fans — You’re finally going to get your shot because there’s now an official Hamilton app in this world. 

Hamilton creator and all-around cool guy Lin-Manuel Miranda announced the app in a Twitter video on Friday morning. The app gives fans access to a bunch of fun stickers, news about the show and cast, show merch, and a freaking AR HamCam.

“We are constantly exploring ways to allow more people to experience Hamilton in its many forms,” Hamilton theatre producer Jeffrey Seller said in a press release. 

While other Hamilton-related apps, such as Ham — an app designed specifically to enter the lottery — have been created in the past, they’re sorely lacking in that extra fan experience this official app provides.

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Aside from the Hamilton-themed stickers, the app will also make applying to cheaper tickets much easier. Now, instead of setting alarms and logging online hoping to snag $10 tickets from the bleak yet addicting lottery drawing (like we’ve been doing for years), users can easily enter the lottery daily using the app. Showings in three cities — Los Angeles, New York, or Chicago — are available in the app’s lottery, so you can pick the one closest to you.

The app’s interactive karaoke tracks and augmented reality take your Hamilton experience to the next level, allowing you to transform into your favorite characters and even see your face on the ten-dollar bill.

(I mean, just look at these babies! Looks like Snapchat has some serious competition…)

The glory.

The glory.

The pride.

The pride.

The joy.

The joy.

The app is currently available for free download on iOS and Android devices, and while it may be a few years late (shouldn’t we have had this in, say, 2015), Hamilton is timeless.

And the best part: Lin-Manuel Miranda assured fans this is only the beginning of more greatness to come. “With the roll out of the HamApp, we are setting the stage, but it’s just the opening number. There is a lot more to this app that’s on the way, and I’m very excited to share it with all our fans in the coming months,” he said in a press release.

For now, rise up and download!

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