NextEV’s new NIO EP9 electric supercar holds a Nürburgring world record

Chinese electric car maker NextEV has debuted its NIO brand, along with the first car from that electric car line, called the EP9. The first vehicle it revealed is already a world-record holder: it has the fastest lap time for an EV at the Nürbhurgring Nordschliefe test track in Germany, one of the most famous proving grounds for supercars.

The EP9 also beat the EV record at France’s Circuit Paul Ricard with a time that’s around 50 seconds faster than the previous record holder. EP9’s specs include a 0-124mph speed of 7.1 seconds, and a top speed of around 200mph. It also has a 0-60mph time of 2.7 seconds – which, astute EV fans will note, is actually 0.2 seconds slower than the current production model of the Tesla P100D with the Ludicrous Mode option (and soon to be 0.3 seconds slower, thanks to a speed-boosting easter egg update going out to Teslas in December).

Tesla has called its P100D the “fastest production car in the world,” so the EP9’s claim of being the “world’s fastest electric car” will definitely need direct head-to-head testing to prove the validity of one or the other. The EP9 isn’t quite a product vehicle yet, however – today’s unveiling ins’t a sales announcement.

  1. sc_005_nio-ep9-rear34

  2. sc_009_nio-ep9-detail-03

  3. sc_017_nio-ep9-interior-02

  4. ep9_fullgallery_4_3840

  5. sc_002_nio-ep9-front

  6. sc_010_nio-ep9-detail-04

  7. sc_012_nio-ep9-top-02

  8. ep9_photo_for_release

The performance is impressive, however, and the car also has a charging system that’s designed to provide a full “tank” in just 45 minutes, with a max range of around 265 miles. The EP9 is probably a stage-setter for NIO overall, as the company says it’s intended to be a “best-in-class” and “showcase” product in a release announcing the car.

NextEV’s U.S. CEO Padmasree Warrior explained in an interview with TechCrunch last December that she was looking for an opportunity to “build something from the ground up and make it big” in taking on the role at NextEV, and this debut car from the company definitely looks to fit that bill.

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