Why should you care about the AI chips in Apple and Huawei’s new phones?

Earlier this year, both Apple and Huawei made a lot of noise about the new processors in their latest phones, touting the inclusion of a game-changing neural engine or neural processing unit specifically designed to handle artificial intelligence computation. But why should you care, and do you really need an AI-capable phone?

What neither manufacturer managed to do was include game-changing apps to go with these powerful new chips. Apple’s A11 Bionic enables its Face ID tech and Animoji, while Huawei’s NPU-equipped Kirin 970 allows for automatic camera settings for good pictures, and offline support for Bing’s Translator on the new Mate 10 series. But these features are just nice-to-haves, and hardly what you’d call revolutionary.

Huawei's new Mate 10 series packs a Kirin 970 chip with a Neural Processing Unit