The best tech of 2017

Of all the tech products that came out this year, no single product was more talked about than the iPhone X.

Rumors about Apple’s new phone started well before 2017 even began. The pressure was on for Apple to deliver a redesigned iPhone that would revolutionize the smartphone once again.

What would an iPhone with a screen that stretched corner-to-corner look like? How would it work without a home button? Would Face ID really be a better replacement for Touch ID? Is $1,000 too expensive for a smartphone?

Everyone seemed to have questions and concerns. But Apple put all those fears to bed when it unveiled the iPhone X in all of its glass and stainless steel glory at the tranquil Steve Jobs Theater located at its new Apple Park campus.

As often is the case, Apple under-promised and over-delivered. All of the reports about the iPhone X’s ugly notch, huge dual camera lens bump, and death of the home button were largely misguided. 

Minor iOS 11 bugs aside, the iPhone X is a showcase of why Apple products feel so magical to use. The iPhone X effortlessly melds beautiful hardware with intuitive software into an experience that’s incredibly delightful at every corner.

You need only use Face ID or play around with Animoji to understand why the iPhone X is such a game-changer.

It took a decade of iterations to get to the iPhone X. Android phones may have caught up and even surpassed the iPhone in certain areas such as screen technology, battery life, and photography, but the iPhone X puts Apple back on top, lightyears ahead of everybody else.

Apple’s relentless focus on pushing technology forward, even when decisions like removing the headphone jack anger fans, that has made the iPhone a forward-facing innovation for which the whole world now revolves around. The iPhone X isn’t just another shiny new phone, it’s the bedrock for mobile for the next 10 years and beyond.

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