Microsoft’s Surface Pen is now available for preorder

Microsoft announced preorders for its new Surface Pro Pen were available today. The device, designed to work with it’s updated Surface Pro Tablets, is a nifty stylus and the update puts it on par with similar devices such as Apple’s Pencil.

The Pen is virtually lag free

It has a 21ms delay which is wicked quick – but Apple’s device has even less. The Pencil has a 20ms delay, barely better than the Pen – though Apple’s offering boasts only one color: white. Microsoft’s comes in four colors — burgundy, platinum, cobalt blue and black.

MsPowerUser reports that it features touch sensitivity with a whopping 4096 pressure levels. The stylus also adjusts for angle, utilizing updated tilt detection.

These new features bring the Pen on par with competitors

Microsoft’s efforts give Surface Pro users a much-needed stylus upgrade. With this, Surface Pro users will join Apple Ipad users and Wacom peripheral adoptees with an up-to-date option that gives them modern functionality.

You can preorder the Surface Pro Pen at the Microsoft store. The device is expected to ship on June 15th, 2017. It’ll cost the same as Apple’s offering: $99.

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