Microsoft new Surface Book 2 adds a 15-inch size and gaming-grade graphics

Just when I was losing hope Microsoft would upgrade the Surface Book this year, the company invited a small group of journalists to quietly announce not just one, but two new laptops.

In addition to a new 13.5-inch model, we’re getting a 15-inch Surface Book as well. They start at $1500 and $2500, they pack serious performance, and they finally have USB-C.

Despite their different sizes, both sizes of the Surface Book 2 feature largely similar specs. They use Intel’s new 8th Gen processors in most configurations, which add two extra cores compared to last year. The 15 inch does run at a slightly higher TDP (20W vs 15W) to maximize performance, but on the whole, CPU performance should be largely similar. The exceptions are the cheapest 13-inch models, which comes with a Core i5 processor and are fanless.