Master & Dynamic’s first wireless speaker is literally a (gorgeous) block of concrete

If you’re an audiophile at all invested in fancy headphones, chances are you’ve come across Master & Dynamic. The relatively young company hit the scene in 2013 and made waves by creating some of the most beautiful headphones around. Thankfully, they sounded just as good as they looked (check out our reviews of the MW60 and MW50 for more).

Now the company is bringing those design chops to its first wireless speaker, the MA770. The $1,800(!) speaker was designed in partnership with reknown architect Sir David Adjaye – known for his work with the Smithsonian Museum – and is literally made out of a swooping block of concrete.

More than just a quirky aesthetic choice, the concrete is meant to increase dampening and resonance – the company says the speaker can play at full volume without causing a table to vibrate. That should mitigate some of the annoying rattling caused by the low end of many speakers when not placed on an acoustically treated surface.

As you might expect, the speakers are quite heavy – 35 lb, in fact. They’re also larger than you would expect given the pair of 4-inch woofers, but the company tells me that it was looking to buck the trend of downsizing speakers as much as possible so you can hide them in a cabinet; the MA770 are a pair of speakers you want to show off.