Defakto’s ‘Stille Nacht’ watch is a limited edition of galactic proportions

Independent watchmaker Defakto creates some stunning timepieces via its regular collection, but it has a new limited series that is particularly eye-catching. The new Defakto Stille Nacht is a collaboration with artist Friederike Bellman, and it uses a hand-painted star field to brighten and distinguish each watface for the 50-piece limited edition run.

The Stille Nacht (‘Silent Night,’ in English) arrives just in time for the holidays, appropriately, and it offers no traditional time indices, but instead shows a dense surface of points that also feature lime so that they glow in the dark. The hands (or hand, if you prefer the single-hand configuration also available) aren’t coated with lume, so the star field will stand out on its own when in dim lightning conditions.

  1. Defakto-Watches-Limited-Edition-2-Stille-Nacht-Website-2017-Mono-detail-2

  2. Art-One-Hand-Watch-Defakto-Stille-Nacht-Mono-Limited-Edition

  3. Art-Watch-Defakto-Stille-Nacht-Limited-Edition

  4. Defakto-Stille-Nacht-Watch-Limited-Edition_Struktur_webSm

  5. Defakto-Watches-Stille-Nacht-Packshot

  6. Wristshot-Defakto-Stille-Nacht-Watch-Limited-Edition-Struktur2

  7. Nightglow-Defakto-Watches-2-Stille-Nacht

  8. Defakto-Watches-Stille-Nacht-Limited-Edition-mood

  9. Defakto-Watches-Stille-Nacht-Watch-Limited-Edition-Struktur

  10. Defakto-Stille-Nacht-Watch-Limited-Edition_Sm

  11. Defakto Stille Nacht Two-handed Watch

As mentioned, that star scape is hand painted, airbrushed to make each of the 50-piece series totally unique. The watch features a 40mm face, a matte finish night-blue backdrop for the dial, a sapphire crystal and a Swiss-made Ronda 712 Quartz movement. It retails for around $320 US after conversion from EUR, without import duties.

The watch can also be custom-built for either right- or left-handed individuals, and features a thin, 6.6mm case. It’s a visually stunning piece and a good deal for a one-of-a-kind watch, so definitely take a look if you’re a watch fan, or know one and are looking for a unique holiday gift to leave in their stocking.

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