Accessory makers shouldn’t get a pass on USB-C

I’ve complained a lot about manufacturers omitting USB-C from smartphones and PCs. Now it’s time to rant about probably the worst culprits of them all: accessory makers.

USB-C is great. Aside from being capable of transmitting a ton of power and data (depending on the implementation), its small size means it can fit on almost any device – while being more durable than MicroUSB too. The advent of USB-C means that I’m able to use a single cable on my laptop, tablet, phone, Nintendo Switch, Bluetooth keyboard, Wacom tablet, external hard drive, etc. That versatility has simplified my life and significantly decluttered my laptop bag and desk.

Though I have multiple cables for each of these devices, and USB-C requires you’re aware of each device’s power considerations, there’s something wonderful about generally only needing one charger to handle all of my devices, especially if I’m travelling.

Why is why it’s so annoying when a new product comes in that doesn’t use USB-C. While most PCs and phones have embraced it, it’s still rare to find in other categories like headphones, IoT devices, smart toys, wearables, etc.