A history of HTC in 12 devices

2012: One

After a few years of relatively uninspired designs that were increasingly losing out to Apple and Samsung, HTC made a major push into the premium smartphone space with the One. Its construction was unibody aluminum, its internals were all the latest, and it had a handsome 1080p 4.7-inch display, giving it even superior pixel density than Apple’s vaunted Retina displays. The front sported stereo speakers and the rear had the intriguing but ultimately disappointing “ultrapixel” camera that eschewed resolution for better sensitivity and color.

The One and particularly its successor, the One M8, were the darlings of the Android world for a time, but as the years rolled on it began to appear as if HTC had exhausted its design budget putting together the One. All its phones took on a similar appearance but with varying levels of quality. With increasingly fierce competition from Samsung, Sony, Huawei, and others, these devices never lived up to the impact of their earliest forbears.

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