5 iconic Nokia phones we desperately want to see remade

Nokia licensor HMD has captured the attention of the phone-buying public by offering remakes of classic phones from the Finnish giant’s past. It started by refreshing the iconic (and indestructable) Nokia 3310 with a new colorful and capable version. Now, it’s the turn of the Nokia 8110, which is best known as the slider phone used by Neo in The Matrix.

Nokia’s history is an almost bottomless well of handset brilliance. Its history prior to 2010 is of releasing iconic and intriguing phones. Some were roaring successes that ultimately defined the entire industry. Others, although undeniably ambitious, fell flat on their faces.

So, what else could Nokia (sorry, HMD Global) revive? We’ve got a few ideas.

Nokia 9000 Communicator

Launched in 1996, the Nokia 9000 Communicator was a fascinating phone. At first glance, it looked like a bog-standard “brick” phone. It was clad in grey, had big chunky buttons, and a postage stamp-sized LCD to see who’s calling. It wouldn’t look out of place in the hand of someone working in finance.

However, it held a secret. Crack it open from its side, and you get access to a larger screen, and a miniature QWERTY keyboard.

This was no dumb phone. It came with a small array of applications, including a web browser, a notepad and calendar, and the ability to send faxes (which was vital in 1996, I’m sure). Watching this commercial, it feels like an immediate ancestor to today’s smartphones. It also feels as though Nokia aimed the 9000 Communicator squarely at the “odious city trader” market.

At the time, the Nokia 9000 Communicator was a hard sell to ordinary punters. You’d most likely find this in the pocket of a high-flying Gordon Gecko than anyone else. That’s because it came with a steep price tag, and retailed at $800. Adjusted for inflation, that’s nearly $1,250 in today’s money, or just slightly more than the base iPhone X.