Why your personal brand deserves high-quality photography

Personal branding is all the rage right now. Everyone has a brand, but some of us are more skilled at realizing its potential than others.

Entrepreneurs and online gurus alike (think Richard Branson, Lewis Howes, Gary Vaynerchuk or Neil Patel), actors, writers and public figures work hard to build a personal brand that replaces their business card and reinforces their influence and popularity in the public eye.

But what exactly is a personal brand?

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Essentially, everything we do and say has an impact on how others ‘see’ us. A personal brand is a reflection of our character, skills, talents and passions in life and how they are perceived by those around us.

The art of building a strong personal brand draws on the concepts of authenticity, excellence, and uniqueness. It celebrates and enhances the aspects of our image that make us who we want to be.

Entrepreneur, motivational speaker and business strategist Tony Robbins has turned his personal brand into a money-making machine.
Credit: Tony Robbins.