This DIY Nintendo build offers the ultimate in portable nostalgia

If you’re still going nuts over the NES Classic Edition, you can do better.

For around $40 more (not counting a bit of manual labor) you can turn a Moleskine notebook (or any notebook, really) into a portable gaming machine loaded up with your favorite classic games — and not just from Nintendo.

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Better still, you can add or remove games at any time, unlike the NES Classic Edition which is pretty much a what-you-see-is-what-you-get experience that comes with 30 games (and doesn’t give you the option to buy more).

In some cases, it’s better to just build your own.

The system uses a cheap microcontroller — the Raspberry Pi Zero — and a few easy-to-find parts to create the ultimate in on-the-go gaming. The build instructions are available at, and it’s estimated to take about three hours.

Portable Raspberry Pi Zero W
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