Facebook premieres its first 360-degree film about NYC’s Grand Central Station

Facebook unveiled its $30,000 360-degree camera – the Surround 360 – last month and now it’s showing off just how useful it can be in a new specially-produced short film called ‘Here and Now.’

So. Much. Tech.

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Using three 90-minute sessions in New York’s famous Grand Central Station, Facebook’s creative team (AKA The Factory) has managed to create an intimate 3D 360-degree look at the various situations – sad and happy – that are celebrated in the hectic transit station on a daily basis and you can get up close and personal with each and every one of them.

Some of the interactions include parents saying goodbye to their daughter who is heading off to college and another is a young couple arguing after they miss their train, as well as groups of friends meeting up and people taking selfies.

The short film is viewable on mobile and desktop and will soon be available to view in VR on the Oculus video app as well.